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Med.Vet., PhD



Med.Vet., PhD


The horse at the center of my attention

Welcome I am Lorenzo D’Arpe, Veterinarian EXPERT in treatment and prevention of horse foot diseases

(n.b.: no one can be defined as “Specialist” since at the moment there is no university specialization school in the world on this subject).

In this site you will find essential and simple information on the proposal of Equine foot disease care services (the so-called “Laminitis”), of horse prevention, of decline in performance to lameness (the so-called “Naviculitis”) and of improved performance by balancing the vascularity of the foot and its Corium.
In this site you will find essential and simple information on the proposal of Equine foot disease care services (the so-called “Laminitis”), of horse prevention, of decline in performance to lameness (the so-called “Naviculitis”) and of improved performance by balancing the vascularity of the foot and its Corium.

I have developed some integrated and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, which are the result of over twenty years of practical experience in biomechanics, instrumental physics and research in the field of anatomy and physiology of Equine Podiatry. Furthermore, since the health and balance of the foot affect the entire toe and body of the horse, at the same time I considered to associate the twenty years of experience in human instrumental physical therapy for the prevention and treatment of horse tendinopathies.

I have known Lorenzo D’Arpe for many years and I can say that he is, above all, a true man of horses. He dedicated his entire life to his passion for these wonderful companions of man. He has gained extensive and important international experience, comparing himself with the state of the art of knowledge in his field. In his work, he puts uncommon enthusiasm and skills, exploring new horizons of research and clinical practice, which make him an extraordinary veterinarian and researcher. On all occasions when I have resorted to his opinion, he has proved to be a generous and reliable professional, in whom I place complete trust and whom I highly recommend to everyone.

Giovanni Battista Tomasini

I will tell you the story of Olivade and Lorenzo.
Olivade had severe laminitis and everyone (farrier, vet) didn't know what to do. He was still on morphine.
By chance, while I was ordering shoes for Olivade in Belgium, I came across a gentleman who said to me: you don't need to order shoes for your horse, the only one who can save your horse is Doctor Lorenzo D’Arpe in Italy.
I contacted him and he came to the south of France for my Olivade and he saved my horse!
When I gallop, I think of Lorenzo every time He is still in good health, more than 5 years have passed.

Thanks again Olivade and Susanne

I had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with Dr Lorenzo D’Arpe in 2016, he could solved in a 100% the laminitis problem in a horse which is very important to me, after two months we had already returned to work!
Unfortunately, in 2020 there was a case of acute laminitis on another horse.
I contacted Doctor D’Arpe immediately.
Present, Efficient and Efficient as always.
Both in the field and at a distance of kilometers.
With one difference, during these years he did not stop with his research and his solutions concerning to this not uncommon problem in horses, so it made that we were able to solve it brilliantly within a few months.
Lorenzo D’Arpe is not only a Professional and a researcher who loves his work, but he is a man who loves and speaks with these immense, powerful and sensitive creatures...

Paolo Pecis

What can I do for you

Over the past twenty years, this fantastic experience as an expert in Laminitis has led me to travel the world to talk about laminitis and foot biomechanics and the importance of prevention for the care of your horse.

To ensure that your horse can enjoy the best possible health and you can also fully enjoy the beauty of living in symbiosis with this immense animal, I have developed some services in which I have specialized:

Why am I talking about Laminitis.

The so-called “Laminitis“, From a semantic point of view, it has as many names as there are languages ​​(Podoflemmatite, Laminitis, Founder, Infosadura, Hufrehe etc.), as there are supposed etiological causes (wheat disease, carbohydrate overload, etc.) and how many are the symptoms (Fourbure, Rinfondimento, etc.) that can be easily confused with Onychomycosis or White Line Disease or contracted foot (club) of 3 ° -4 ° (Redden scale 2003) or cancer of the frog or other pathologies that give pain to the Corium of the foot so richly vascularized and innervated.

We all agree that the more precise the diagnosis, the greater the likelihood of therapy success; but unfortunately anyone who approaches this pathology collides with a great confusion both on the diagnosis and on the prognosis and consequently great confusion is generated on the cause-effect relationship and on the success of the therapies.

In fact, “Laminitis” is considered 2nd death cause of the horse because it becomes so frustrating for veterinarians and horse owners, to whom it is very difficult to orientate in so many different therapeutical approaches, not always appropriate and effective, so usually advise for euthanasia. Recognized as an expert to save horses diagnosed with “Laminitis”, I soon learned that the most important thing was precisely a correct diagnosis and associating the term Laminitis only with foot pain can only leave this pathology as “the most frustrating” disease in horses and leave it in second place of death causes in horses, the first is obviously colic.
It all began in 2001 with the practical experience lived with R.F. Redden, my American teacher and mentor in Versailles in Kentucky who started me as a father, passing on his experience and knowledge to me and who launched me on this adventure as his assistant for Europe.

I studied venographic technique in depth and in 2007 in Geneva I had the opportunity to personally meet the other scientific extreme of Laminite, the Australian C.C. Inch. He taught me and guided me in a fraternal manner on everything that could be scientifically known on the subject and educated me to distinguish the different pathological mechanisms.

Lorenzo d'Arpe Medico Veterinario è esperto di laminite nel cavallo, navicolite e in tutte le patologie del piede del cavallo. Come evitare un cavallo zoppo: prevenire la zoppia cavallo
During the years of my doctorate in Padua (2005-2009), under the tutelage of Prof. D. Bernardini, I tried to differentiate with more appropriate names the different diseases that were mistakenly collected under the single name “Laminitis”. Today I teach in Bologna in the horse surgery internship with prof. A. Spadari the differential diagnosis of “Laminitis and other pathologies of the club foot”.
This path with venography has revealed to me the etiopathological mechanism of other pathologies of the Corium such as the so-called “Navicular Syndrome” (in this case unlike “Laminitis” if nothing else the term “syndrome” already presupposes that it is not fully understood its etiopathological mechanism).

From the collaboration with farriers, veterinarians and osteopaths of great experience and acumen at world level, I also understood that the tendinopathies of the equine finger are often associated with pathologies of the Corium and that with a trimming and shoeing or prosthesis for rest in the box of the Corium can be largely prevented rather than cured.

Enjoy the reading,

Prof. Lorenzo D’Arpe Med. Vet. , PhD

Have you ever thought about a foot lameness prevention course for your horse?