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D’Arpe for industry

Often in my professional activity I have found myself having to build, modify or even invent more effective or efficient tools than those available on the market at that time. This is the reason why I have been supporting free and independent research for over twenty years, the passion for scientific dissemination by collaborating with companies in the field of human and veterinary medicine to develop innovative ideas by designing tools or methods and coordinating the training of sector operators and information for the final patient.

Companies I collaborate with to date on projects:

Kevin Bacon’s, Fuji, ACR, Serma Group, Stilgomma.

Companies with whom I have worked or collaborated on projects or consultancy:

EMS, Indiba, Sixtus Italia, RGMD, Fisioline, Michel Vaillant, NanRic, Luwex, International Equine Podiatry Center, Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, Clinique de Grosbois, Clinique du Cheval, Clinique de Livet, Clinique Areda, Pferde Clinic, Clinique de Beaujolais Clinique de Neyron, Clinique Bos de Reef, Roosdales Equine Hospital, Liphook equine Hospital, NoorenStables, Iron Horse Farm, Juddmonte Farms, Haras de Castellane, Haras de Caudrettes, Royal Cavalry of Oman, la Torretta, il Palazzetto, Il Fungarino and Pirelli.

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