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How do I intervene or follow horses with foot diseases despite the government lockdown restrictions?

It is essential do not underestimate the risk, so to wear the mask or even a suit and gloves, as in the photo taken on May in the most affected area of ​​the world, namely Bergamo.
Even after the reopening I continued to keep safe distances and keep the Bergamask which allows me to breathe well and changing the filter regularly. I also washed my hands often with hydroalcoholic gel and in the most at the risk airports I wore gloves, and sometimes also the white suit like the Chinese people. When the planes were not flying, I also used my pickup for long distances as to Ghent in Belgium
I take care not to shake hands, greeting by bringing my hand to my heart as recommended by the WHO president on September or with a wave of greeting keeping the distance of 1,5 meter.
All these simple precautions have allowed me until now to continue to follow my patients, sometimes with self-certification and sometimes also with the attestation of the client who requested my professional intervention.
Whenever possible, I did a serological test and a swab, which was always negative.
Following the directives I still manage to follow my patients and therefore do not hesitate to contact me, in compliance with the directives, we will find the best way to reach and treat your horse because as you well know moving it from its box with 40 cm litter is very risky for its dermo-nail cog.

Lorenzo d'Arpe Medico Veterinario è esperto di laminite nel cavallo, navicolite e in tutte le patologie del piede del cavallo. Come evitare un cavallo zoppo partendo dalla cura dell'unghia del cavallo