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Explaining scientific theories and increasing their dissemination is not always easy. In fact the theories, even if well accepted at the academic level, bring the risk of remaining inside university classrooms and not reaching patients and horse owners this way leaving the old and outdated theories on the field that do not help the welfare of the horse.

International events such as the Equimeeting organized by the IFCE in France in the splendid setting of the Haras du PIN in Normandy are a great resource.

I took advantage of that invitation to the 2015 Equi Meeting to expose my theory of the 5 Hearts and the new theory of 5 Brains, in the presence of Jean Marie Denoix and Bruno Baup.

Equimeeting 2019 in the presence of Monsieur Desbrosse, C.C. Pollitt, D. Leveillard and Y. Joosen I exposed the theory of the 5 Brains and the muscular district syndrome of the horse due to Coriumitis, Coriumosis and latero-medial unbalance, showing the future of research and training in podiatry for the protection of Corium .

Watch the video and contact me to find out more