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Veterinarian, PhD, Expert in Equine Laminitis and other pathologies of the horse's foot

The horse at the center of my attention


Veterinarian, PhD, Expert in Equine Laminitis and other pathologies of the horse’s foot

The horse at the center of my attention

Curriculum Vitae.

Known as an expert in the field of clinical evaluation of Horse’s feet and instrumental physical therapy in human rehabilitation.

Since 2002

executive experience as assistant in Europe for the International Equine Podiatry Center with Dr. Redden, continuing over the years this executive experience with the best clinics in Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, England, Romania and Switzerland), North Africa (Egypt, Morocco), Arabia, Russia and Canada.

Since 2004

Member of the research and development group with Prof. P. Mondardini and Coordinator of the study group on the photo-induced anabolic stimulus of mesodermal tissues with the aim of translating this knowledge also for the tendinopathies of the horse and arthropathies of affectionate animals.

• In 2009

2009 PhD thesis in veterinary clinical sciences at the University of Padua.

Since 2013

Professor at the University of Pisa in the “Sport and Anatomy” Master in Physiotherapy.

Since 2017

Professor at the University of Bologna in the post graduate practical training in horse surgery on “Laminitis and other pathologies of the equine foot”.
Professor in the academy of instrumental physical therapy studies in humans.

Since 2019

organizer of the Corium course for farriers, veterinarians and osteopaths in France with Lucien Cambas.

Speaker in 322 courses, meetings, congresses, symposia and lectures; more than 300 as invited speaker. Author of more than 150 publications in national and international newspapers, conference proceedings and book chapters on instrumental physical therapy and equine podiatry, especially on the theme “Laminite”.

Often in my professional activity I have found myself having to build, modify or even invent more effective or efficient tools than those available on the market at that time, for example:

In 2015

I co-invented the “Dondolino” prosthesis (patented system) with Jo Vaillant to increase vascular flow to the equine finger by applying it to a normal two-dimensional shoe, screwing it to the same thread as the crampons to prevent loss of performance and lameness.

In 2012

I helped design the ACR360 alluminium shoe with Yves Joosen and Antoine Corona for the re-athletization of pathological feet and prevention of “Naviculitis”.

In 2009

I invented the "5 ICED HEARTS" system (patented) with a rubber boot produced by StilGomma by Marco Pecis to increase the vascular flow to the equine finger even during a prolonged continuous cryotherapy, also cooling the sole of a standing horse that can also move around in the box.

In 2007

I contributed to the development of the LaserixDS1000 (Current Ph10) for the photo-induced anabolic stimulation of mesodermal tissues in regenerative physical therapy.


Every day I meet professionals such as Farriers, Veterinarians, Riders, Coaches, Osteopaths, and horse breeders, athletes of the most varied equestrian sports or simple owners who love their horse in the broadest sense of the term, I always try to transmit and share with them the the importance of having the values ​​underlying my profession. even if we are dealing with physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths, trainers of athletes of the most varied sports disciplines or simple patients the approach does not change.

I meet many farriers, vets, riders, coaches, osteopaths, and owners of horses in various sports or simple horse lovers in the broadest sense of the term, with whom I share consultations on laminitis or other pathologies of the horse’s foot or on the improvement of performance for vascular problems of the horse’s foot, as well as training and information events and I try to convey to them the importance of having the values ​​at the base of my profession. I am a doctor who eschews so-called “Degenerative” therapies such as Cortisone infiltrations and even escapes indirect “Regenerative” ones such as acupuncture or stem cell or PRP infiltrations but I rather prefer “direct regenerative” therapies that are repairing the tissue, avoiding scarring where possible, favoring instead the regeneration and repair of the tissue “ad integrum”.

I tend to relativize the simple clinical symptoms and pain that can often be misleading such as in the case of Coriumosis which can be prevented, but not cured if already completed and obviously cannot be cured. It is our values ​​that move us every day and the more the values ​​are consistent with ourselves, the greater the satisfaction you will receive from your life and from the work you are passionate about.

In my daily life, in my work, in relationships, in every moment of my life I apply this series of values hoping that they can be a source of inspiration for you too I like to be and give the best of myself to work with dedication and fun in the beauty of the horse and its environment, always keeping my feet on the ground.
Lorenzo d'Arpe Medico Veterinario è esperto di laminite nel cavallo, navicolite e in tutte le patologie del piede del cavallo. Come evitare un cavallo zoppo e prevenire la zoppia cavallo curando l'unghia

kindly granted by Demetrio Casile

Innovation / Effectiv therapy

Team Working / Passion / Honesty

Health / Welfare

Vitality and Smartness / Soundness and Performance

Direct Regenerative Therapy / Regeneration not Scarring

Love / Family / Children

Happiness / Joyousness