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Médecin Vétérinaire, PhD, Expert en Fourbure équine et autres pathologies du pied du cheval.

“Horses are the center of My Attention”


Médecin Vétérinaire, PhD, Expert en Fourbure équine et autres pathologies du pied du cheval.

“Horses are the center of My Attention”

To better diffuse the knowledge that I was able to acquire with the experience in the field, I created some training courses required by various farriers and professionals in the sector in order to contribute to the well-being of the horse and releasing an applied methodology for an absolute horse health.

Usualy at present in farriery schools you learn to orient yourself on the sole of the foot for a two-dimensional trim following the white line, the frog,etc. as landmarks for trimming and shoeing, but unfortunately these anatomical landmarks are reliable as long as the foot is “normal ” with straight horn tubules.
When a distortion of the horn tubulus occurs, following the school landmarks leads farriers and veterinarians not trained on the Corium to keep the apex of PIII as a support surface instead of the sole of the Corium and horses enter a vicious circle.

Here the training on the Corium allows the equine welfare professional to bring the horse into a virtuous circle by orienting themself in trimming and shoeing on reliable landmarks for the Corium avoiding being fooled by the distortions of the hoof capsule.

That’s why Prof. Lorenzo D’Arpe has started creating training courses consisting of 4/6 modules for Senior Farriers, Veterinarians and Osteopaths and information sessions for owners, coaches and instructors.
He started this adventure in 2018 in collaboration with Lucien Cambas, Blacksmith Owner of the company “Savoir Fer”, historically the first private school for farriers in France.
The first sessions took place with the collaboration of the Lycee Agricole de Contamines and the Mas de Combes stable, Miramas (France).

In the year 2018/2019 about twenty professionals took part of the trainning, including farriers, veterinarians and osteopaths; the final exam was scheduled for 27 and 28 March, at the Mas des combes stable in Miramas (France), the lockdown caused by Codvid-19 has moved the date of the exams, which will be done as soon as possible. Training has already been requested in France, Sweden, Canada and programming is now suspended because of the world sanitary crisis (Health care crisis).

The training about how to “Improve the health, strength, sensitivity and vascularity of the corium to optimize the performance and well-being of the Horse” is modular. The various topics around the Corium are developed and dissected, starting from a theoretical point of view, they are then immediately put into practice under the supervision of both Prof. D’arpe and Lucien Cambas.

In the moments of practical application, a particular attention is paid to the importance of communication between professionals who compare different points of view, demonstrating the importance of communication between the actors of the horse’s well-being.

In detail the training:

  • • the training consists of 6 modules, the last one is certification
  • • each module consists of 16 hours between theory and practice, participants can bring their own cases that will be discussed and examined during the sessions
  • the modules are accessed by between 12 and 15 participants including veterinarians, farriers and osteopaths

At the training I am supported by Lucien CAMBAS, a farrier with over 30 years experience.

Who is he?

Farrier since 1984, trained and graduated from CAPABPA at the School of Farriers in Marseille.
A professional in equine locomotor pathology, he constantly trains with recognized specialists. His knowledge comes from three years of study of functional anatomy and locomotor analysis held by Denis Leveillard, later increased by five years at the CIRALE of biomechanical training managed by Prof. Jean Marie Denoix.
From 2009 to 2016 he was the official technician for Vettec Europe. Lucien is well known for his ability to pass on his knowledge, and he manages to connect the impact of shoeing on biomechanics He participates in many international conferences and seminars also in the Osteopathic field.

Have you ever thought about a training that can change your mindset about Corium?

Come to find out, fill the form. I will be happy to meet you and prepare together the most prepare course for you.